Which software is right for your online course?

Nov 17, 2020

An online course provides extra income for your company. Because an online course can be sold fully automatically, you are not bound by fixed working hours. You can work anywhere. And more money is coming into your company.

~ Having and selling an online course gives freedom in your life and entrepreneurship ~

But which platform do you choose for your online course?
Most online learning environments are made for setting up your course.
They are not made to sell your course. You have to do that yourself.
Unless you opt for an all-in-one solution.

We have made an overview of the 14 best Online learning environments within different segments.

View the overview and take the test. Which software is right for you?

Bastiaan de Koning - Online Course Specialist

Online marketing entrepreneur for 7 years and specialized in building and selling online courses and learning environments. I mainly work with the all-in-one platform Kajabi, because here you have your website, blogs, courses, email marketing and customer data together. Questions about which platform is right for you? Please feel free to contact us.