Kajabi Extensive Notes

Product Template Upgrade Service

Communicate one-on-one with students

This product template upgrade service adds the option to communicatie one-on-one with your students below every lesson. These student notes are private and only readable by the student and the teacher.

  • Add a private notes section below every lesson
  • Ask your students to write extensive answers and keep those private
  • Respond as a teacher in private
  • With the option for rich text (headlines, styling) and a full screen editor
  • Can be added to any product template.

How to proceed

This is an upgrade service. We will update your existing product template like Kajabi's Momentum, Premier templates, Gamify Lite and Gamify Pro.

We ask you to send over your product template. We add the code to your template on our server and send you the template back. You keep all your previous styling and editing.

It's completely safe! This update will not affect your current set-up. You can revert to your existing templates at any moment. And we don't need access to your Kajabi app. 

Pricing - pay as you like

This feature isn't part of any template. We don't want to calculate every hour we spend to create this, but we still need time and resources to get this feature added to your Kajabi account. So make it a fair exchange.

The price is 'Pay as you like' with a minimum of € 150 ( ~USD 165)

If you like this feature, you're more than welcome to raise your price.

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