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Which e-learning platform is right for you? 

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Which e-learning platform is the one for you?

An online courses is extra revenue for your company. Because an online course can be sold completely automatically, you are not bound to specific work hours. You can work anywhere and everywhere. And makes your company more money.

~ To have and sell an online course give you more freedom in your life and for your company ~

But which platform is the right one for your online course?
Most online learning environments are made to launch your online course. They are not made to sell your online course. You need to do that part by yourself. Unless you choose an all-in-one solution.

A L L -  I N - O N E 

Simplicity for everything! Website, learning environment, marketing in one platform.



A standalone platform is a smart choice if you have an up and running website and marketing platform.



If you want to keep everything in Wordpress and built everything yourself.



Platforms die voor een percentage van jouw verkoopprijs jouw training verkopen. 


There is a solution for every company

All the options I describe are reputable tools with many thousands of users.

Personally, I have a strong preference for all-in-one platform because it makes it much easier for me to sell your courses, without getting stuck in technology and connecting separate systems.

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Our favorite software

From all the all-in-one platforms is Kajabi my favorite. A platform where I can say with confidence: if you had to choose one. Be sure to check out Kajabi.

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform, where you can do your website, learning environment, email marketing. Without the need for other tools. I have been working with Kajabi for over 6 years and this platform contains my website (like this one), my email marketing and my online training courses.

EXTRA BONUSES: When you purchase Kajabi through me, you get 14 days of free trial time and my personal extra bonuses such as Personal Live Support Call.


Our Free Kajabi Extra's

All-in-one Software

An all-in-one platform is made in such a way that you no longer need any other online tools. These platforms can arrange everything for you: your website, your marketing, your email campaigns and of course your learning environment.

This software is made to be able to set up and sell a course at lightning speed. If you want to have your website, course and marketing ready quickly, an all-in-one platform is a wise choice.

The somewhat higher costs are a pittance compared to the time savings you achieve and the fact that you don't pay anything extra for email marketing, your website or the hosting of your teaching materials.

Kajabi is the solution to manage your website, your learning environment, your marketing and your emails. Everything is integrated and with a pipeline you can create an entire marketing funnel in 1 click. In addition, you can also use everything as an independent tool.

Price: $ 149 to $ 399 per month.
There is a 2 month discount per year
Trial: Free 14 days via this link

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Zenler (beta) is an all in one package that even has webinar functions built in. Due to the many possibilities it is technically a bit more difficult than for example Kajabi. But that gives you a little more freedom.

Pro beta offer: $ 447 instead of $ 1170 per year
Premium beta offer: $ 1167 instead of $ 5970 per year
Trial: only with invitation, free during beta

Go to Zenler (use this invitation link)

Thinkific was created to make courses easy to make and sell. The focus is on the courses themselves, but you can also run your website in this platform. Thinkific does not have email marketing.

Price: $ 39 to $ 399 per month. There is a 20% discount per year
Trial: 1 month Pro + Growth plan, via this link

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Kartra is an all-in-one platform built by the creators of WebinarJam. It is very strong in terms of marketing and affiliates. You can use it to build your marketing funnels based on templates.

Price: $ 99 to $ 499 per month. There is a 25% discount per year
Trial: 14 days for $ 1

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Standalone Software

A standalone platform usually only offers a course environment, that is their specialization and you can also expect this to work well. With most standalone platforms you also have to build your own website, set up your email marketing and often also build a web store.

Because you work with different tools (website, email marketing, webshop and your standalone platform), the costs increase quickly compared to an all-in-one platform.

If you already have your own website and your email marketing is well organized by an external party, a standalone solution is a good choice. If you don't have a website or email marketing yet, consider an all-in-one solution first.

Podia is a modern learning environment that is fast becoming an all-in-one platform. Podia has a migration offer to transfer courses to their system.

Price: $ 39 to $ 79 per month. There is a 2 month discount per year
Trial: 14 days

Go to Podia

LearnWorlds also focuses on the learning environment with nice features such as automatic transcripts of your videos (English). In addition, they have many templates to create landing pages.

Price: $ 29 + $ 5 per sale up to $ 249pm. 20% discount per year
Trial: Free for 30 days

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Huddle is of Dutch origin and mainly focuses on community and memberships. Huddle is strong in gamification. Links with external tools take place with Zapier. You also need Plug & Pay for the sale.

Price: € 97 per month or € 950 per year
Trial: 14 days

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Maatos is a Dutch product and built by the makers of Soofos. They deliver a sleek design and look closely at the big boys. A party to keep an eye on.


Price: $ 39 to $ 79 per month. There is about 20% discount per year
Trial: Free for 30 days

Go to Maatos

Teachable is one of the better known standalone platforms for online courses and a good alternative if you don't need an all-in-one platform. You can also offer your own course on the Teachable platform.

Price: $ 39 to $ 299 per month. There is about 20% discount per year
Trial: free for 14 days

Go to Teachable

Ruzuku was created to launch an online course as quickly as possible. Within the platform you can hold conference calls and video broadcasts.


Price: $ 99 to $ 199 per month. There is a 25% discount per year
Trial: Free for 14 days

Go to Ruzuku

Wordpress Plugins

For those who prefer to keep everything in their own hands, there are very professional plugins for Wordpress. These plugins work well with plugins such as Woocommerce. Remember that you have to set everything up yourself. A learning environment within Wordpress is more complex, more technical and requires more maintenance with updates than standalone platforms or all-in-one platforms.

LearnDash is one of the best Wordpress plugins for a learning environment at the moment. The plugin has many extras such as quizes, course points, certificates.

Price: $ 159 to 329 per year
Trial: 30 days money back guarantee

Go to LearnDash

Wishlist Member is one of the oldest Wordpress plugins for learning environments. Very strong in membership environments (subscriptions) With built-in integration options.

Price: $ 147 to $ 397 per year
Trial: none

Go to Wishlist Member

Lifter LMS is suitable for website builders and starters. Via Zapier it can be linked with external tools. In the more expensive package, the platform offers a lot of support.

Price: $ 99 to $ 999 per year
Trial: 30 days $ 1 and money back guarantee

Go to LifterLMS

Sensei is an extension of your Woocommerce shop. Although the plugin is free, you pay for the Woocommerce link. Sensei was created for convenience within Wordpress.

Price: $ 129 to $ 279 per year
Trial: Plugin is free

Go to Sensei LMS

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I have worked and created many learning environments for my clients. In online learning environments in which I myself am really satisfied, I also participate if they have a partner program. This means that I can receive compensation if someone purchases the package. That will cost you nothing at all, and it helps me to keep writing articles like this one.