Online Marketing Tools and Software

Good tools are half the job

Software tools that get you started quickly. Which do not take hours and are not badly put together. It is better to spend a few extra bucks per year on software that really increases your turnover and saves you time. Avoid messing around for days with tools that don't work.

Below are the best software tools that we or our customers work with. Make use of it.

E-learning & Online Courses Software

Kajabi is the best all-in-one solution to manage your website, your learning environment, your marketing and your emails.

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Zenler is still in beta. Also has webinar functions. It is technically more difficult and graphically less beautiful than Kajabi.

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Thinkific is gemaakt om cursussen eenvoudig te maken en te kunnen verkopen. De focus ligt op de cursussen zelf maar daarnaast kan je je website ook laten draaien in dit platform. Thinkific heeft geen email-marketing.

Prijs: $39 tot $399 per maand. Per jaar is 20% korting
Trial: 1 maand Pro + Growth plan, via deze link

Naar Thinkific

Kartra is an all-in-one platform built by the creators of WebinarJam. It is very strong on funnels and affiliates.

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Podia is a modern learning environment and on its way to becoming an all-in-one platform. Podia has a migration offer.

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iDeal and BanContact Payment Services

Hardly any online course platform has its own iDeal or BanContact payment system integrated. For good payments you need an extra platform.

Exclusively for Kajabi in Europe to be able to create and sell payment pages at lightning speed.

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Standalone payment pages and affiliate system. Links with your e-learning run via Zapier.

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Integrated payment system and email marketing in one. Links with your e-learning run via Zapier.

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Mollie is a payment service provider (the bank) and handles the actual payments. You need this in addition to payment links.

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Webinar platforms

A webinar platform offers live streaming within a closed environment, and also has optin and email options.

Zoom is for private training, webinars and the possibility to create breakout rooms. Zoom webinar also has email functionality.

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Webinarjam is one of the best known webinar platforms worldwide. Easy layout and fast work.

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From Dutch soil a great package to give webinars.

Go to Webinargeek

Streaming software

For live video for Facebook, Youtube.

With StreamYard you can stream a live video directly to Youtube and Facebook and run your own presentations.

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With Be.Live you can stream directly to Facebook and Youtube and easily display the questions of followers.

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Youtube has built-in live streaming options for free. You can embed these videos on your own website.

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Video hosting platforms

If you do not take everything in one package with integrated video hosting, it is necessary to host your videos yourself. The better all-in-one platforms have already arranged this for you.

Youtube is free to host your videos, but you get all suggestions and indirect advertising as a gift.

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Vimeo is a paid platform where you can host videos without advertising, and in the look and feel you want.

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Email Marketing Software

When you start building your mailing list you need email marketing software. If your e-learning package does not offer this, you must take a separate package. Pay attention. With 5,000 or more people on your mailing list, you will lose as much as a good all-in-one package like Kajabi.

ActiveCampaign is now the most used paid email marketing package in the Netherlands. It is also offered under the name MailBlue. The same package for a higher price. You pay the dollar price in euros.

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MailChimp is well known for the large number of free members. Great for sports clubs, for marketing you quickly have to take a paid package. Then it is comparable in price to other packages.

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Screen capture video editing

Specialist video software are very useful for recording video lessons with presentations and yourself in the picture. There are many packages. These are the two most commonly used.

Handy tool for Mac users

Go to ScreenFlow

Handy tool for Windows users

Go to Camtasia

Quizes and Surveys

If you want to know more about your customer, ask them questions and process this data in an improved marketing plan.

Go to Google Forms
Go to Survey Monkey

Other software tools

Indispensable tools for your online marketing

Canva is super easy to quickly take pictures for your social media and your courses. With a paid subscription of € 100 per year, you also have many photos at your disposal.

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With Zapier you connect all software that cannot communicate with each other as standard. Very handy tool. You pay as you use.

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If you want to use sleek personalized timers. For the funnel tweakers. count on a hefty price of $ 100 a month and more.

Go to Deadline Funnel


I have tried everything software and I still work with most of them. In software in which I am really satisfied, I also participate if they have a partner program. This means that I can receive compensation if someone purchases the package. That will cost you nothing, and it helps me to keep writing articles like this one. Full disclaimer.