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Do your students stop before the end of your course? Are you looking for ways to encourage them to get the maximum out of your course? To WOW them, over and over again? Gamification might do the trick, but the Kajabi course templates offer limited gamification options. That's why we've taken the Kajabi course templates, both Momentum and Premier, to a whole new level. Playful templates that reward your students for every milestone they reach. With badges, certificates and unlockable content. And of course, we've added lots of styling options to make your life and your courses more colorful!

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Kajabi Gamification - the Gamify Kajabi Course Themes offer many new possibilities for your Kajabi students. Just upload these templates to your existing or new courses. And go!

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Let's summarize some of the features you've always missed in the Kajabi templates,
but are here at your fingertips waiting to be used...

the Kajabi Gamification Template 

Gamification Badges

This is the feature we love the most. A completely new section with customizable badges.

Students achieve better results when they are recognized for their efforts. You can upload your own custom badges. You decide when and how your students can get those beautiful colorful icons. Make your course more fun and playful.


You can now add your own certificates to your training. Has your student completed a lesson, a course or an assessment? Reward them with a downloadable certificate with their name on it. You can create your own certificates in Canva and they are created in real time with a tool called NiftyImages. Easily integrate them into your course product.

Multi Level Kajabi Products

Bronze, silver and gold level, within 1 course? The Gamify template makes it very easy to apply multiple levels. The levels are displayed as locked content. Your students have to earn these extra levels. Very useful if you have a large course. 

Note: Multi Level will not work within the Kajabi mobile app, but will work in mobile and desktop browsers.

New Styling Options

We love colors and page adjustments. And the standard Kajabi course themes don't have that many options. So we added them. On both the Momentum theme and the Premier theme. For example: You can adjust the size of the sidebar and lesson overview. You can add different and new custom blocks. You can display the badges anywhere within the theme. And there's a custom CSS section for real layout freaks that lets you tweak every detail in this template. 



Offer Related Blocks

This is really fun, but a bit more technical. Don't worry, we've got you. Think how nice it would be if you could show or hide blocks within your course based on the actions your students take. You can use them for upsells or downsells, you can add bonuses or create hidden download pages that will be unlocked when your students progress to the next level. Creativity is yours!


Dropdown Navigation

Tired of all those lessons in your sidebar. Too big to handle. Wouldn't it be nicer if you had a drop-down navigation instead?  Within the Momentum Gamify theme you can now collapse or expand the course overview with one click. It will make your course sidebar much easier to navigate.

Note: This is for Momentum only.


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Which template do you need?

Kajabi has 2 completely different course templates: Premier and Momentum. Both templates have their own possibilities and options. Both are great to use. So we customized both templates for gamification. But which suits your courses best? In the demo you can switch between the two templates.

momentum gamify demo

Momentum Gamify

Momentum is a course template with a syllabus in its sidebar. This template is very useful if your students need to switch from one category to another with one click. This template is more useful in memberships if you have multiple categories like: lessons, Q&A, live sessions, replays, downloads etc.

With the Momentum Gamify template you get many more styling options than Kajabi offers. For example your syllabus can be a collapsed to show your categories more organized.


premier gamify demo

Premier Gamify

The Kajabi Premier Course template is the most well-known course template, as Kajabi uses Premier as the default for new courses.

The Premier template is very structured and clean and gives a nice well-organized look right away. This template is more useful if your students follow a lineair curriculum. Such as week 1 with 4 lessons, week 2 with 4 lessons etc.

Premier Gamify template allows you to restyle your template and sidebar, switch your sidebar from right to left or make your sidebar the most important part of your course.



Just imagine!

  • More students that get the max out of your course
  • More students that come back for more
  • A code-level customized page without hiring an expensive developer
  • Your own fully automated badges and certificates, without external tools
  • Many extra styling options to give your course the WOW effect!

And as a bonus you receive our canva templates to create your own badges.

Experience Kajabi Gamify as if you were a student yourself, with our free demo.

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Momentum Gamify

€ 297

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  • Multi level categories
  • Customizable Badges
  • Certificate ready
  • Offer Related Custom Blocks
  • Custom CSS option
  • Many customization options
  • Full video training
  • Drop down navigation


  • Our Canva templates to create your own badges

Premier Gamify

€ 297

one time - ex EU vat

  • Multi level categories
  • Customizable Badges
  • Certificate ready
  • Offer Related Custom Blocks
  • Custom CSS option
  • Many customization options
  • Full video training
  • Extra badge placing options


  • Our Canva templates to create your own badges

Get Both Templates

€ 497

one time - get € 97 discount

Different products need different templates. Maybe you want both the templates? That's cool, we'll give you an additional discount.

  • Get both templates
  • Get the bonus Canva templates
  • Get a € 97 discount


Need some help with the implementation

Contact us and let us know what you need

Implementation Package € 875

Implementing gamification into your course takes some serious brain time. Do you know after which milestone your students will receive a new badge, new content or their certificate? Then you have to make sure the right automations start at those moments. Would you like some help?

With the implementation package you'll save time and get an up and running gamification course.

  • Discuss the gamification options for your course.
  • Customize the colors and images of your template.
  • Add 6 badges to the course with 6 (ghost) offers with a simple notification emails.
  • Add a certificate + (ghost) offer
  • Add locked/hidden blocks + (ghost) offers
  • Test all options
  • Discuss the results and 2 revisions

Not included are graphic/image design and copy writing, but we can add your copy. Additional work is calculated on an hourly based price of € 75 an hour.

Graphics Package € 575

Don’t have the time to create the images and graphics for your gamification course? We can do it for you.

With this package you’ll get all the graphics for your course.

  • We discuss your wishes in advance.
  • Style guide with colors, fonts, badges
  • Header image for your course home page
  • 6 personalized badges in full color (unlocked) and gray style (locked)
  • 4 module images
  • 16 lesson images
  • Personalized certificate
  • 2 Revisions
  • All images are optimized for web use.

Additional work like extra badges, images or other graphics is calculated on an hourly based price of € 75 an hour.

No Worries Package € 1497

Let us do the full package for you. We take care of the images and the implementation on your Kajabi website. And you get a great discount on the total price of € 250.

What's included?

  • Kajabi Gamify Template € 297
  • Graphics Package € 575
  • Implementation Package € 875

Total € 1747 for € 1497

Additional work is calculated on an hourly based price of € 75 an hour.

Be creative

Examples built with the Kajabi Gamification template

KJB Users NL

Of course you can be the first to experience the new templates. KJB Quick Start (free for new Kajabi users) is built with our Momentum Gamification template.

Helio is a large community with many lessons and modules. The Kajabi Gamify template shows this clearly.


We immediately introduced the badges. How cool are those! Now our customers can immediately see how much sales they have already made with Linktopay.

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