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It's no secret we love Kajabi. It's an amazing platform if you want to create a successful online business. I am Agnes Maas and together with my husband Bastiaan de Koning we started using Kajabi in 2014. Through the years we've gotten used to tweaking it a bit to suit our needs. And yes sometimes we adapted it a lot and programmed templates which opened up new possibilities within Kajabi. Our Kajabi Next Level templates! Not only for ourselves but especially for our customers. Over the years we've built many fully customized Kajabi websites to meet their needs. When they asked for the impossible, we saw a challenge. And we never say no to a challenge!

We are very proud of our custom made templates. Are you looking for some extra's possibilities to sell your knowledge or encourage your students? Extra's that are not standard within Kajabi? You are at the right address.

On this Jiffy website we share some of our best templates to take your Kajabi to the Next Level. 

If you can't find what you're looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. Because we love a challenge!

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  • "I purchased both Kajabi Papers and Gamify Pro templates. Your work is AMAZING and was the missing link to making me LOVE Kajabi!! " Lynette.
  • "Thank you for building such amazing products!" - Eszter
  • " Bastiaan consistently delivers outstanding templates, and I'm proud to be a loyal and satisfied customer. Thank you." - Arif
  • "Big thanks!! Love your products." - Anne