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Who is Jiffy Courses Online?

We, Bastiaan and Agnes, are Jiffy Courses Online. We love to create Kajabi tools and templates that bring forth new possibilities within Kajabi no-one though would be possible. 

Are you looking to enhance the design, user experience, or overall functionality of your Kajabi?
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Just explore our Kajabi Upgrades. And don't forget to check out the demo versions. They will give you a first hand experience of the power and potential of our templates.

Free: Gamify Lite & Tutorial

In December 2022, Kajabi added our Gamify Lite template to their platform. Even though it's now free for all users inside Kajabi, we've kept improving this template. Here, on our website you can download the latest Gamify Lite versions and get free access to the only official and exclusive Gamify Lite Tutorial.

Get Gamify Lite & the Official Tutorial

Our latest Kajabi projects


The best of two top course templates: PennyInYourPocket's Flix template and our Gamify Pro in one super course template. Just install and you're good to go!

Learn more about GamiFlix

Gamify Pro

Give your courses a WOW experience with a lot of new gamification tools like certificates, bonuses , confetti and badges and lots and lots of extra styling options.

Learn more about Gamify Pro


Create beautiful and engaging lessons with this amazing tool. Can be combined with any product template. And works with the (branded) mobile app too.

Learn more about UpCourse

Kajabi Timeline Funnel

Boost your sales by incorporating personalized real-time bonuses and scarcity into your funnel. It was never so easy to earn more with your evergreen funnels.

Learn more about Timeline

The Kajabi Papers

Serious bloggers can now add paid and premium content to their blogs with many new styling features like a magazine.

Learn more about Papers

Awesome Blog Creator

Get total control over your Kajabi Blogs with beautiful design and unlimited features. The next revolution in Kajabi blogs

Learn more about ABC

"I purchased both Kajabi Papers and Gamify Pro templates. Your work is AMAZING and was the missing link to making me LOVE Kajabi!! "


"The Gamify template is really an asset to my company Helio. I offer many lessons and modules to my community. This template helps me to organize them. My students love the badges and I love their enthusiasm."


"Bastiaan consistently delivers outstanding templates, and I'm proud to be a loyal and satisfied customer. Thank you."


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