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Explore real-life examples showcasing how Gamify Pro (and GamiFlix) transforms courses and memberships into engaging experiences.

A dopamine drenched program 😃

by Ebonie Allard

Ebonie introduced us to her signature course, "Misfit to Maven the Fundamentals", which she gamified in 2023 with the assistance of Claire Addiscott and the use of 'Gamify Pro Momentum.' The results are stunning!

She also shared some beautiful images and a podcast episode where she discusses the gamification process with Claire.

You can find the podcast right here >>

Together, they offer valuable insights into using gamification creatively to motivate and engage students.

"My course is called Misfit to Maven the Fundamentals. I have had it since 2014, and last year I gave it a reboot! Its especially for 'Misfits' who want to know themselves, trust themselves and create lives as unique and extraordinary as they are, that feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside".

"I hired Claire Addiscott to help me, and she recently came onto my podcast to talk about the process. We did some really fun stuff to drench the program in dopamine, added in side quests, upsells, reflection, and opportunities for both achievers and explorers to really engage with the learning process. Enjoy!

Watch the Podcast

Level Up Program with GamiFlix!

by Alison Kenward

Alison Kenward introduces us to her innovative courses developed through GamiFlix: "Rider With A Plan" and "Dressage School." Alison expertly incorporates gamification to structure learning, enhancing engagement and reward. In "Dressage School," for instance, students earn badges in bronze, silver, and gold, depending on their test score percentages. Completing a level unlocks a self-reflection opportunity, rewarding students with a certificate.

Additionally, Alison spices up the experience with Easter Eggs, offering surprise bonuses such an exclusive webinar or a PDF with reflective exercises. 

"My website is Equestrian Heroes. I have a free online Riding Club as well as offering coaching live and self study.
I have used the amazing Gamiflix in 3 of my products. Rider With A Plan my 12 week programme was the reason I purchased GamiFlix. I attended a workshop Bastiaan ran with Meg Burrage. I was so excited about learning how to gamify my courses. I was also in love with Penny's Flix product so when I saw that you were co creating I had to buy the moment it was released!

In Rider With A Plan I use badges for completing lessons, engaging with the community email and for completing some of the more challenging units Easter Eggs unlock.
Graduation is celebrated with a certificate. I choose to include the community in this course and use my Online Riding Club Lounge. Penny saved the day here with her community page. My paid membership uses another Gamiflix product.

Today I completed my Dressage School Online upgrade. I used Gamiflix to create the Level Up Programme. Riders submit dressage test scores and are awarded rosette shaped badges. Bronze for 60% plus Silver for 65% plus and Gold for 70% plus. There are 10 Dressage levels. When a rider reflection is completed at the end of the level a certificate is unlocked.
T thank you for everything you do to make Kajabi awesome, Alison

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Create connection with Gamify Pro!

by Eszter Godor

Eszter Godor, an entrepreneur based in Granada, Spain, and the founder of Jump Start Your School, is a Kajabi expert who assisted numerous Kajabi heroes with their processes and automations within the platform. She is well-versed in maximizing the potential of Jiffy templates, such as Gamify Pro and Timeline Funnel.

In the video, Eszter showcases the innovative gamification strategy she implemented for Matt Brattin's Excel 4 Academy. She ingeniously connects various Excel courses using Gamify Pro's Easter Eggs feature. Dive into her story and discover the clever ways she enhances learning experiences through gamification. Enjoy!


Engaging and visually appealing!

by Amanda Jusino

Amanda Justino is a Brand Coach and graphic designer. She used the Gamify Pro Momentum template to enhance her client's online courses. In the video she demonstrates the gamification techniques she used. Enjoy her story.

" I'm a graphic designer and I utilize gamification template to enhance my client's online courses. I've developed and designed three online courses for her, focusing on e-commerce specialization. With badges, certificates, and interactive elements, these courses are engaging and visually appealing.

Gamification significantly motivates students through badges earned via quizzes, fostering a sense of achievement and competition. The inclusion of quizzes encourages focused video watching, enhancing the learning experience and driving course completion.

Students express enthusiasm for gamification, enjoying the competitive aspect and proudly sharing their achievements on social media. This approach contrasts with previous experiences on WordPress, where the lack of gamification led to less engagement and higher costs for programming. Transitioning to Kajabi with gamification has yielded positive results, garnering student satisfaction and course completion.

Here a walking thru video that I prepare to show you all what I design."

Watch Amanda's video
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The visual power of badges!

"The Visual Power of Badges! Since launching our first Gamify template in September 2022, countless users have explored our gamification templates—Gamify Lite, Gamify Pro, and GamiFlix—to create captivating courses and memberships.

Badges, in particular, deserve special mention as they are the most visually striking elements of gamification. We've witnessed many stunning creations and are excited to showcase some of these innovative uses of badges.

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