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A visual stunning blog post not only captivates readers longer, it also boosts shares on social platforms, and enhances search rankings. But the Kajabi's default options to create blog posts are limited. Well, we love Kajabi, and we want to make it even better for you.

  • Do you want to broaden your blogging possibilities?
  • Do you want to create blog posts that really stand out?
  • Do you want create blogs that drive your sales?

It's time to meet the Awesome Blog Creator for Kajabi, a game-changing tool designed exclusively for blogging Kajabi heroes like you.

Or maybe you want to take it even a step further? Check out the Awesome Blog Creator + Powerpack. Experience unique game-changing features you'll find nowhere else in the Kajabi realm, including an amazing tool to boost the SEO of your blog posts.

Not sure if this is the tool for you? Just start with the  Awesome Blog Creator - Lite.

Devices showing a blog created with Kajabi Awesome Blog Creator
Why choose the Awesome Blog Creator?

You'll love the Kajabi Awesome Blog Creator ‚ėü

Gain Visual Freedom

Customize your blog posts effortlessly by combining text and images in unique ways. Whether you want to align multiple images in a row or match every block with your branding, it's all possible.

You blogs will draw attention. 

Engage & Interact

What about little quizes in your blog posts? Embed assessments within your blog posts and learn to know more about your readers. Your readers will love it! 

Plus, seamlessly add Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons wherever you like. 


Familiar Yet Advanced:

Experience a wide range of content options, you know from building landing pages.

From audio and video to accordion menus, link lists, pricing cards, feature cards, and custom code ‚Äď the possibilities are endless.

Boost Your Sales!

Embed opt-in forms directly within your blog posts to grow your email list. You can even insert offer cards to drive more sales.

The Awesome Blog Creator isn't just a tool; it's a  marketing strategy game-changer.

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Discover Kajabi Awesome Blog Creator.

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Léanne Lovink

"Awesome Blog Creator has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my Kajabi blogs look simply amazing! I have so many more options to tailor my blogs to my specific needs. It makes blogging a lot more fun. Plus, my blogs are quickly being picked up by Google Discover."

Choose your Awesome Blog Creator Package

The Awesome Blog Creator comes in three different versions:

Awesome Blog Creator - Lite All the freedom you need to combine text and images in every way you see fit, in any color you like

Awesome Blog Creator, The freedom of ABC - lite plus with features to increase engagement, interaction and boost sales

Awesome Blog Creator + Powerpack. All the possibilities of the Awesome Blog Creator plus new features and tools to improve your SEO. 

Get the Awesome Blog Creator!

What others say about our Jiffy templates :


"Bastiaan consistently delivers outstanding templates."


"Your work is AMAZING and was the missing link to making me LOVE Kajabi!!"

Kimi Brown

"Seriously you are a gift from the Kajabi gods..."

You'll get all these amazing features!

It's time to deep dive into the Awesome Blog Creator world. 

The ABC-builder

The Awesome Blog Creator comes with a blog building tool. It is an altered landing page we call the ABC-builder. The ABC-builder gives you the freedom to build your blog post as if it was a landing page, before you convert your blog into a Kajabi blog post. So you've got 12 columns and unlimited colors to play with. You get all these content options:

  • Text and image blocks (included in the ABC - Lite).
  • Audio, Video and embedded Videos
  • Cards, Feature cards and Pricing cards
  • CTA-buttons and accordion menus
  • Embed your latest Blog Posts¬†
  • Custom code block

It's time to unleash your creativity, and it's as easy as ABC.

Example of a travel blog created with Kajabi Awesome Blog Creator PowerPack
Mobile phone showing an integrated form inside a Kajabi blog created with Awesome Blog Creator

 The ABC-builder also comes with content options that are real assets in your digital marketing strategy:

  • Assessments
  • Opt-in Forms
  • Offer Cards

The Awesome Blog Creator is a new gateway to monetizing your knowledge.

Built in step-by-step instructions.

Our 100% Kajabi-compatible Awesome Blog Creator is very easy to install (less than five minutes) and implement. You'll receive step-by-step video tutorials, making the process a breeze. But there's more.

We've even automated the steps to convert your ABC-builder blog posts into real Kajabi blog posts. After that you can duplicate your ABC-builder to create more amazing blogs or you can reuse your ABC-builder over and over again. 

Get the Awesome Blog Creator!

Supercharge your Kajabi blogs with the PowerPack!

The Awesome Blog Creator is already an amazing tool to create stunning blogs. If you're serious about blogging as part of your online business, you must check out the Awesome Blog Creator + PowerPack. 

Empower your ABC-builder with extra features. 

You'll get these extra content options that are developed especially for the ABC + PowerPack. You won't find them anywhere else in the Kajabi world!

Author card

Who wrote this blog post? Introduce yourself or your guest blogger with an Author Card. You can place it anywhere you want in your blog post. 

Featured Blog Selector

If your reader is interested in this blog post, it might also be interested in other blog posts about the same subject. With the ABC + PowerPack you can insert a specific blog post. 

Text Wrapper

Many word processors enable you to surround your image with text.  With the Text Wrap feature in the ABC + PowerPack, you can do it too in your blog posts. 

Review Blocks

We integrated our Review Blocks Template in the Awesome Blog Creator. With Review Blocks you can add visuals like star ratings, score circles, and pro-and-con sections to your blog posts. 

Table option

Do you want to present structured information in your blog? Finally you can put it in a table! Adjustable to your needs, with up to five columns. 

SEO Optimization Tools: Schema Markup & SEO Analyzer

Your Ace with the ABC + PowerPack!!

Want your blog posts to truly shine and get noticed? They need to be discoverable by major search engines, especially Google. With the ABC + PowerPack, you get an two advanced SEO tools:

  1. SEO Schema Markup: effortlessly integrate additional SEO information (Schema markup or structured data) into your blog posts ‚Äď no coding required. This enriched data ensures search engines comprehend your content, paving the way for enhanced visibility through rich snippets and improved click-through rates.
  2. SEO Analyzer: get info about the structure of your blog post and tips on how to optimize it's content to improve your SEO.

For bloggers who are serious about visibility and impact, the ABC + PowerPack offers invaluable returns on a one-time investment.

This is Amazing, I'm in!!

The Awesome Blog Creator, is not only a fantastic tool for creating outstanding blogs, but it also opens up a world of new possibilities to turn your valuable knowledge into income.

Undecide on the Perfect Fit?

Both the Awesome Blog Creator and the ABC + PowerPack are designed to optimize your blog posts and drive business growth. 

Starting with the Awesome Blog Creator Lite and feeling the itch for more? No worries. You can easily upgrade your Awesome Blog Creator:

  • Upgrade ABC - Lite ‚ģē Awesome Blog Creator for only $ 397 USD
  • Upgrade ABC - Lite ‚ģē ABC¬†+ PowerPack for only $ 697 USD
  • Upgrade ABC ‚ģē ABC + PowerPack for only $ 347 USD¬†

Whichever path you choose, know this: it’s not just an investment in a tool, but a gateway to unlocking limitless possibilities, channeling your expertise, and transforming it into tangible income.

Get the Kajabi Awesome Blog Creator

ABC - Lite

$ 197

One time fee per website

What's included:

  • Awesome Blog Creator landing page:¬†Build your amazing blog posts with the¬†ABC-builder.¬†
  • 2¬†different content options:¬†Text and image blocks in any color you like.
  • Integrated¬†step-by-step instructions¬†to convert your blog post¬†from¬†the ABC-builder¬†to a Kajabi blog post.¬†
  • Video tutorials¬†for easy setup and use.¬†¬†
Buy ABC - Lite

Awesome Blog Creator

$ 497

One time fee per website

What's included:

  • Awesome Blog Creator - Lite¬†



  • Audio, Video and embedded Videos
  • Cards, Feature cards and Pricing cards
  • CTA-buttons¬†
  • Accordion menus
    Custom code block
  • Blog Posts
  • Assessments
  • Opt-in Forms
  • Offer Cards
Buy the Awesome Blog Creator

ABC + PowerPack

$ 797

One time fee per website

What's included:

  • Awesome Blog Creator¬†



  • Author Card:¬†Introduce the writer.
  • Text Wrapper: Wrap text around an image.¬†
  • Table Option:¬†Structured info presentation.¬†
  • Review Blocks:¬†Visually appealing review scores.
  • Featured¬†Blog Selector:¬†Highlight¬†specific posts.
  • SEO Optimization¬†tool:¬†Elevate your blog's visibility.¬†¬†
Buy ABC + PowerPack

Before you buy

The Awesome Blog Creator is a tool to create amazing looking blog posts. It is all about the body on your blog post page, but not about the header and sidebar of that page. Those are part of your website design. 

Just take a look at this image of a blog post. The orange part is defined by the Awesome Blog Creator. The green part is defined by the website design.

A mobile phone showing an Author Card, created with Kajabi Awesome Blog Creator


Due to the digital/instant nature of this template, we do not offer any refunds. Please check out the information provided on this page. You can also check our blogs because we've (re)build them using the Amazing Blog Creator. All this will give you a good idea of what to expect before making a purchase.

However, if you have any issues at all with this template or the service, please contact us and we can discuss. If the template is found to be faulty or there are issues with it that cannot be resolved, then a refund can be offered within 30 days from purchase. 

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Devices showing a blog created with Kajabi Awesome Blog Creator
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