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Kajabi Papers - a  Beautiful Blog Theme

Restyle & Protect

Imagine you can deliver premium articles with a small snippet as preview. Your readers can buy the article with just a click on the button. Immediately after they bought your premium content, the rest of the article is unlocked. This is just as magazines offer their premium content.

You can find it all with many customization options in our totally upgraded Kajabi website template: Kajabi Papers.

Visit the demo to get a quick preview of the possibilities with this new theme.


Kajabi Papers - Create a premium blog website with free and locked content in a modern magazine styled design.

Preview the features of the Kajabi Papers Template

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Preview our Kajabi Papers Demo
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Let's summarize some of the features you've always missed in the Kajabi templates,
but are here at your fingertips ready to be used...

the Kajabi Papers Template 

Featured blog post

Add a featured blog post above all other blog posts. Make your latest post more visible with a catchy newspaper like heading.

The featured blog posts is shown on top of the blog overview page.

Updated Navigation options

With some nice tweaks we've added a centered logo to the header section (the default Kajabi template can't center your image in the header...) and you can add a second nevigation bar to your second header section.

Also there is a 4 column navigation section as a second footer section on all pages that you can tweak to anything you like.

Restyled blog listing

You don't like the huge blog previews on your blog overview page? And the only option in Kajabi is to show the previews as cards? No more! We've added a new blog listing with the images on the left side, nice and small and structured below the feature blog post.

Premium blog content

By adding a simple tag to your blog posts you can decide which blog post are free to read and which are shown as premium content.

For registered customers the content is unlocked. Free visitors see a CTA to unlock the content and must register to get access to the premium content. Just like a newspaper with premium content.

Filter your post

You can now add multiple recent posts blocks in the sidebar of your blog. And even better... You can filter your recent posts on a tag. Show a preview of your premium content. Or highlight a list of your latest featured posts. All the recent posts get a small preview images aside of the content so these sections are way more apealing than the original Kajabi sections.

Offer Related Blocks

This is really nice but a bit more technical. Don't worry, we got you. Just think how nice it would be when you can show or hide blocks within your course based on the actions your students take. You can use them for upsells or downsells, you can add bonuses, or create hidden download pages that are unlocked when your students get to the next level. Creativity is yours!

Preview our Kajabi Papers Demo
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This template will replace the Kajabi website theme (Home, Library, Blog, Blog post, Log in, 404 etc)

The Kajabi Papers - Premium Blog

$ 457

€ 397
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  • Locked premium content
  • Unlock CTA on premium content
  • Featured blog post
  • Offer Related Custom Blocks
  • Filter recent posts
  • Tweak pagination settings
  • Navigation updates
  • Restyled blog page

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Preview our Kajabi Papers Demo
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