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Gamify Lite is available in Kajabi for free.
And you can download the latest versions here, because we never stopped improving the template

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The Official Gamify Lite Tutorial

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+ Complete tutorial how to use Gamify Lite,ย learn from the creator
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+ Download the latest Gamify Lite templates (these are not in Kajabi)


Two desktop screens showing the Kajabi Gamify Lite tutorial
A tablet showing Kajabi Gamify Pro Premier with badges and a certificate

I cannot say enough positive things about the Gamify Pro template. My membership is massive, spread across nearly 40 Kajabi products with nearly 5 years of content. I have been able to easily tweak the template to give individual sections a unique, streamlined look that is much more on brand than anything I’ve had before. Not only that, my students are very encouraged by having the visual progress tracker. I’ve not seen them this excited in a long time!

Even inside individual portions of the membership, I am able to display a “mini progress tracker” to let students see what each section will unlock for them. They tell me this is very encouraging! To finally have the ability to display locked links that unlock based on progress is, for me, a big win!

Not only is the template absolutely everything I’ve ever dreamed of for my membership, Bastiaan has been more than responsive when I’ve had technical support questions and requests for additional functionality. This purchase has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long, LONG time! Thank you!

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