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How would you feel about a tool that:

  • is super easy to work with
  • allowed you to offer each unique visitor a temporary deal. Over and over again.
  • would show your visitors a personal timer counting down to zero to urge them to take the step.
  • would create new possibilities to drive up your conversion rates.
  • came with a full set of instructions on how to set it up and with tons of insider tips. 
  • is completely integrated within Kajabi so you can say bye bye to those external tools.


Meet Kajabi Timeline Funnel!

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Boost your sales!

Welcome to the next level of your Kajabi journey – the Kajabi Timeline Funnel!

A powerful tool designed to amplify your sales strategy by incorporating real-time bonuses and scarcity into your funnel. Your audience gets a unique, personalized limited-time offer that triggers their sense of urgency and propels them to take action!

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What do you get?

  • A set of two highly programmed templates, an opt-in page and a (double) landing page, that interact with each other. 
  • Step-by-step video tutorials on how to set up your Timeline Funnel. The tech part takes less then a minute 😁
  • A personal registration key for unlimited use of the Timeline Funnel on one website. 

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Courtney Ibinger

Kajabi specialist

"Kajabi Timeline Funnel is a game-changer when it comes to offering personalized time-sensitive offers to your customers. The best part is that it can all be done right within Kajabi! No need to purchase any expensive external software. Just purchase Kajabi Timeline Funnel once and you're set! The tutorials that Jiffy Courses Online has created to walk you through the setup are clear and easy to understand. I had my first timeline funnel up and running in under an hour. I'm so excited about all the endless possibilities for using this in my own business and will be sharing it with my clients as well."

What impresses me most is the tangible sense of urgency it creates, significantly boosting my trip wire purchase rates.

So many ways to use Kajabi Timeline Funnel

Kajabi Timeline Funnel is very easy to set up. You don't have to worry about the technique, we've got you covered. Kajabi Timeline Funnel comes with an opt-in and a landing page. The landing page shows your bonus offer with a countdown timer. The bonus offer will automatically disappear after the time is up. There are many ways tot use the Timeline Funnel as a part of your evergreen business strategy.

Here's an example with a freebie and upsell. 

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Here's why you need Kajabi Timeline Funnel:

  • Create Time-Sensitive Content: Limited bonuses and offers have never been easier to manage. Create true scarcity by offering unique deals available only once!
  • Drive Urgency: Encourage quick decisions and accelerate conversions with real-time timelines.
  • Compatibility: Seamless experience across multiple devices - start on mobile, finish on the laptop. No problem!
  • Security: Advanced security precautions are in place to prevent users from altering their timeline.
  • Extremely easy to set up: Timeline Funnel is 100% Kajabi. If you know how to create an opt-in page and thank you page, that's all you need to know.
  • Save money: No Zapier or expensive assistents are needed. Timeline Funnel pages can be uploaded to your Kajabi account and set-up in 5 minutes.
  • GDPR complient: Timeline Funnel doesn't store any additonal new personal data in Kajabi.
  • No 3rd party / tracking cookies:
    Timeline funnel can use a first party technical cookie that is accepted by most browsers. No personal data is stored in this cookie.

The CFO Coach

"The Kajabi Timeline Funnel is a breeze to set up. Within mere minutes of viewing the clear and concise instructional video, I had it seamlessly integrated into my trip wire on the lead magnet download page. What impresses me most is the tangible sense of urgency it creates, significantly boosting my trip wire purchase rates. By using this funnel, I've eliminated the need for a third-party countdown timer, saving both time and costs. I wholeheartedly endorse trying this out. Bastiaan consistently delivers outstanding templates, and I'm proud to be a loyal and satisfied customer."

Are you ready to upgrade your sales strategy and create real scarcity that drives conversions?

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Let's try Kajabi Timeline Funnel

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Kajabi Timeline Funnel

US $ 457

Euro € 397
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  • Create time-sensitive offers
  • Use the Kajabi Opt-in forms.
  • Thank You/Landing page with time sensitive sections and afully customizable countdown timer.
  • Multiple security options to preserve the timeline.
  • Detailed instructions on installing and setting up the Kajabi Timeline Funnel.

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