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What is Kajabi? Why does it work so well?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for everything you need for your online company. With Kajabi there isn’t need for any other online tool. Kajabi gives you all the resources for your online company: your website, your marketing, your email campaign and of course your learning environment.

Kajabi is made so you can make and sell and online course in a jiffy. In case you want a website, course and marketing in a short amount of time, an all-in-one platform like Kajabi is the way to go.

Kajabi is one of the high end learning platforms. This also means the price is higher than other software. But when you compare the package as a whole, the extra costs are minimal. Look at the amount of time you save and the fact that you don’t have to pay extra for email marketing or the hosting of your online course.

I’ve been using Kajabi for the past 6 years and helped more than 100 companies to make the switch to Kajabi. From this experience I’m writing this review. Looking at every aspect and giving my honest opinion about all the possibilities.

Most Kajabi reviews you find online, have little more to offer than the basic text from the Kajabi website. Simply because most of the authors haven’t really used Kajabi themselves. My review is meant to help you make the choice if Kajabi is the right fit for you.

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Bastiaan de Koning

Update:  Januari 2021

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Kajabi is the solution to manage your website, online learning community, emails and marketing. Everything is integrated, without one click you can produce your whole marketing funnel. You can also use each tool individually.

Review Kajabi per Subject 

 1  Courses and Learning community  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 2   Community & Studentcontact  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚪
 3   Website & Page editor  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 4   Marketing & Funnels  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 5   Mailinglist & Emails  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚪
 6   Statistics en Raport  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 7  Payment options  ⭐⭐⭐⚪⚪



  1. All-in-one platform
  2. Nice and professional layout and templates.
  3. Always improving
  4. Many new extra’s and updates
  5. Easy to use
  6. Easy page editor
  7. Own mobile app
  8. 24/7 support
  9. Active online community



  1.  Price tag not for starters
  2.  Simple blogs layout possibilities
  3.  Not many exam possibilities
  4. No iDeal/bancontact support without extern solutions like Linktopay


Conclusion Kajabi Review

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform, where you can do your website, learning environment, email marketing. Without the need for other tools. I have been working with Kajabi for over 6 years and this platform contains my website (like this one), my email marketing and my online training courses.

EXTRA BONUSES: When you purchase Kajabi through me, you get 14 days of free trial time and my personal extra bonuses such as the '30 Day Payback Challenge 'and Personal Live Support. Read more in the Dutch Community that I manage.


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Kajabi Review Index

The following subjects can be found in the Kajabi Review

User Experience
Customer Support
Products & Courses
Member Area
Website & Pages
Email Marketing
Pipelines & Funnels
Payment Solutions
Kajabi Pricing
Comments & Questions

Kajabi Review - User Experience

Kajabi works with a very sleek user panel. Immediately after signing up for a trial account, you will be able to access this panel of Kajabi and get started. Kajabi has already prepared various parts for you, such as your website. You can choose whether you want to work with. The parts of Kajabi all work together but can also be used as separate tools.

Due to the choice of a very small sidebar menu, it sometimes takes a bit of searching where everything is. But once you understand what the different parts mean, everything is easy to find.

kajabi dashboard overview

Everything accessible from the sidebar

Kajabi works with a sidebar on the left side of the screen, with which you can operate all settings. The sidebar adapts when you choose a different menu option or when you start editing one of the items.

In the middle of the screen you get a brief overview of your turnover and the number of registrations and members over the last 30 days. By clicking on one of the numbers, you will go to the extensive statistics within Kajabi.

The menu structure in the sidebar is divided into 4 parts at the top of the page, to run your online business. And in some parts at the bottom of the page for the settings of your Kajabi account and the support section. If you are a partner, you will also have the option to click through to your partner details.

kajabi menu

The main menu of Kajabi consists of 4 parts

Below that you will find all the components to run an online business. This is where you will be most of the time for your online business.

  1. Website: Everything that has to do with your visible internet pages such as your homepage, landing pages, page statistics and your blog.
  2. Products: Overview of your courses and products that you offer and the range / offer of these courses
  3. Marketing: With this you manage your online business; Funnels, email marketing, forms and automations
  4. People: Under people you will find your mailing list, the assessments your students can make and who your affiliate partners are

The settings menu of Kajabi is at the bottom of the page and consists of 3 parts

Here you will find all the components that you have to set up once.

  1. Settings: At settings you get a large overview of all settings within Kajabi. You usually only have to set this once.
  2. Help: The help button provides access to courses, support and 24/7 live support for a Growth plan and above.
  3. Kajabi Partners: here you will find all information if you act as a reseller of Kajabi
kajabi settings overzicht

Kajabi Customer Support

What support does Kajabi provide? Kajabi has a very large customer support team. This allows Kajabi to provide live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via chat. The chat people are trained and have a high level of skills. They can make settings and adjustments in the background if you get stuck yourself.


As Kajabi puts it themself: We are serious about your success ...

Kajabi naturally has an interest in your success with your Kajabi package. That is why they do everything they can to help you further within their software package.

First of all, they have a very extensive search function, with a few words you immediately get tips on how to solve something.

Secondly, they have an extensive Q&A in which all steps are made transparent via tutorials.

Thirdly, since May 2020, they now also provide live training sessions, where you can actually ask questions.

If you really can't figure it out, you can email them with your question.

If you have a Growth or Pro package, you have access to the 24/7 chat. How nice is it when you can chat with someone on a Sunday morning and your problem is solved immediately.

In addition, Kajabi offers a feedback option if you miss parts or want to see them improved.


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Kajabi Review - Products and Courses

Kajabi's course environment has traditionally been Kajabi's core business. Creating a course, adding teaching materials is super easy. In a few clicks you have your entire course ready and you only have to upload your videos. Within Kajabi, an online course, an online training, an online program is all the same. These are your Products. You create a product by clicking on Products and then on the blue button '+ New Product'.

Kajabi review - overzicht producten

Kajabi has many online products available

Kajabi has various forms of online courses available. These can be divided into 2 essentially different products: Courses and Community.

Most of Kajabi's products are variations of the online course. Kajabi offers templates for:

  • Mini course
  • Online course
  • Evergreen training with drip content
  • Membership
  • Coaching program
  • Blank (Start from scratch)

These products use the same basic template, you could convert your product from one template to another.

Another and non-interchangeable template has the

  • Community (Facebook / Forum structure)

The community is for interacting with your members rather than sharing videos and lessons.

Kajabi Courses themes


Different templates for your courses

Kajabi shows the Premier theme with all its products by default. The Premier theme is currently the most comprehensive.

When you have a very large course with many lessons, the Momentum theme is very useful, because it shows all lessons in the sidebar.

In addition, Kajabi has many other templates from which you can choose. These templates can be adapted to a limited extent in their layout.

You can switch between the themes of your course at any time. Choosing a different template does not change the content of your course, only the appearance.

Kajabi has announced that it will soon release a new template Encore. This template will probably be fully editable, as are the Kajabi website pages at the moment.


kajabi courses templates
cursus kajabi backend

Course backend environment

When you choose one of the course products, Kajabi creates a new product with pre-filled lessons. In the example on the right you see a 'Mini Course'.

In the middle you will find the modules. Lessons are shown under each module. You can make as many modules as you want. And the number of lessons is also unlimited. You can drag the lessons between the different modules.

In the menu bar you can enter the product description and format the layout of the course.

in the sidebar you make the link with the offer of your product (offer) and you get information about the number of members and what your course looks like.


Adding teaching materials in Kajabi

The editor of a lesson is start and clear. Here you enter all your training materials and the image of this specific lesson.

First you upload a video when you work with it. You can also choose an assessment. This is a questionnaire for your student to determine if he/she/they has/have understood the course material.

Under the Post Details you enter the title of your lesson, to which category the lesson belongs and the textual explanation. Here you can also add pictures and other content if necessary.

In the sidebar you can add the downloads that your student can download for this specific lesson, for example a workbook.

In addition, you can determine per lesson whether there are reactions or not. Note that these responses are public to all students of this same course.

At the bottom of the lesson data is an option to add automations. Automations are an option to start a certain action within Kajabi, after a certain trigger. For example, completing a lesson. You can think of sending an email to reward your student. Or to give your teacher a signal how far along the student is.



Kajabi Review - Member Area

Kajabi calls the learning environment the Library. This is the protected environment on your website, where your students get an overview of all courses they have access to. The course environment is already ready when you request your package. New courses are added automatically. After purchasing an online training, your students will only have access to the products that you want them to be allowed to access. That way you can sell multiple products. your student only gets 1 login for all products.

Kajabi library

Kajabi Layout Member Area

The member environment is (currently) set up by default in the Premier theme. You can adapt the layout of your member environment to your own wishes or use the existing templates.

The courses that your student has access to will automatically appear under My Products (text to be adjusted). Of course, with the image and description that belongs to the course. Your student can click directly to the relevant product.

When a new student buys a product, Kajabi automatically sends an email with login information. You can change this via the System settings. If your student has forgotten his or her password, you can always request a new password on the login page.

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Kajabi Review - Website & Pages

Kajabi is an all-in-one package. That means that Kajabi also arranges your website. Immediately after notification, the most important pages are ready. In addition, you can create an unlimited number of pages (called Pages) as landing pages or website pages. The website option below is the sidebar has 4 options: Design of the default pages. Pages for the landing pages. Blog for your blog articles. And Analytics for all statistics on your Kajabi website.

Kajabi Website Design

Out of the box, the most important pages are ready to start your online business. Without technical knowledge, this would be enough to set up a fully online business.

You can adjust and edit all pages. When you are just starting out with Kajabi, it is wise to go through all these pages, so that the styling and layout is to your liking.

The home page is replaceable with the Pages listed below. This is recommended because Pages offers more design options than the Premier template of these pages.

Kajabi Pages Review

The Pages component within Kajabi is one of the most powerful components at the moment. The pages are the heart of your online marketing. This is where you create all landing pages.

Pages was completely replaced and updated in early 2020. With this update it is possible to create any website page you want. You can place all elements on your page wherever you want.

Kajabi comes with over 18 different templates. The first 9 templates are so-called Streamlined pages. These are ready-made optin pages, sales pages, etc., in which you only have to paste the images and texts.

Below that are another 9 fully developed pages. You can use these pages as an example, or - as I do - as a basis to create your own page afterwards.

Kajabi Blog Option

An important part of online marketing is sharing knowledge and content. Sharing knowledge is necessary to introduce potential customers to you and to let them experience that your company can really help them.

The blog function of Kajabi is sufficient but still a bit basic. Images, video, text, are no problem. For most entrepreneurs, these basic options from Kajabi's blog are enough.

If you want more elaborate texts with more images, then the editor will let you down and you have to make this layout yourself. Not a problem for a handy blogger, but perhaps a bit ambitious for the beginner.

You can schedule your blogs on the date you want to be published. Just like with Wordpress. The blogs are listed in descending chronological order.



Kajabi Blog SEO

By default, Kajabi takes care of the SEO of your website. The technical data is automatically added to the page.

This way the blog is automatically added to the sitemap of your website. You can add this sitemap to the Google Search Console for better SEO.

At the bottom of each blog you can enter the SEO information of that blog. This concerns the url, the title that must be displayed in Google, the description that is shown in a search result and possibly a different image than the standard image that you entered with the blog.

It is advisable to enter and include this information directly when writing the blogs.



Kajabi Statistics

The last part under the option Website you will find the statistics of Kajabi. This concerns all activities that have taken place on your website.

When you use Stripe and Paypal - Kajabi's internal payment systems - the number of sales, the total turnover and the last 30 days are shown here. Below that you can split all the numbers into:

  • Net turnover
  • Subscriptions (recurring sales)
  • Number of registrations on your website (opt-ins)
  • Number of page visits
  • The statistics of your products, such as progress of your students
  • The number of products sold
  • Sales through your affiliates

Unfortunately, it is not possible to register external sales on this dashboard. When you receive iDEAL or BanContact payments (for example via Linktopay), they will not be displayed because these payments take place outside Kajabi.

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Kajabi Review - Email Marketing

Kajabi has all the tools and possibilities on board to be able to do your online marketing. Under the heading Marketing, Kajabi places their email options, events, forms, automations and their funnels. Since these are all completely different parts, we will explain them one by one.

Broadcasts vs Email Sequences

Under the Email Campaigns heading you will find the option to send 2 types of emails. The broadcasts, in Dutch this is called a newsletter. And the sequences, these are email series.

You use a broadcast or newsletter when you want to send a one-time email to your mailing list at a fixed time. For example on Thursday morning at 8:00 am.

A sequence or an email series is sent after someone has signed up for your newsletter. This email series is ready and starts at the time of registration. The following emails will follow depending on that first moment. This allows you to send a new follower a fixed series of emails in which they get to know and trust your company


Kajabi Broadcasts - Sending newsletters

The broadcasts are the newsletters in Kajabi. Kajabi has recently thoroughly addressed the editor. This makes it much easier to create and send beautiful newsletters.

By default, Kajabi provides six empty templates that you can fill in yourself. In addition, there are 12 pre-made emails. The latter look beautiful. Personally, I am less of a fan of it, because the images used are also very well formatted. And not everyone employs a graphic designer. But nowadays you can also go a long way with Canva.

The emails use the database in Kajabi. You can therefore personalize the emails with all data of your customer insofar as they are known, name, emails, address, preferences etc.

After the email is ready, you can schedule it to be sent at a specific time. This allows you to efficiently schedule your emails.

Kajabi Email Sequences

The email sequences are email series of multiple emails that are sent one after the other.

Kajabi offers a clear overview of the emails. You can determine by email how many days after the previous email it will be sent.

A series can be started by various triggers. Someone signs up for your newsletter. Someone bought something. someone has finished another email series.

In addition, you can start new automations by email to allow other actions to take place around your follower. Such as, for example, adding a Tag. This allows you to be very flexible with your marketing series.

The layout of the email sequences is a bit more basic. It is planned to adjust these as well as the broadcasts.



Kajabi Events - Future dates

A third way to send emails to your followers is to send them depending on a future date. Like a webinar. For example: 3 days in advance, 1 day in advance. 15 minutes in advance.

With Events you can schedule webinars, give live training, give offers.

An end date is linked to an event. You can process the end date in countdown timers.

Kajabi cannot host the webinar itself. For that you need another platform such as Zoom, Google Video or a webinar tool such as WebinarJam.


Kajabi Pipelines - Marketing Funnels

Kajabi offers the possibility to set up a complete marketing funnel with a few clicks. Based on a number of templates, Kajabi takes care of the various parts of that marketing funnel and links them together.

The pipelines are the fastest way to set up an online product funnel.

Kajabi defaults on a Freebie funnel, sales funnel, product launches, zoom webinars, book sales and coaching programs.

After you have chosen the funnel, Kajabi will prepare everything and you can adjust the funnel to your texts and images.

Kajabi Pipelines - Template construction

A pipeline consists of several parts:

  • Landing pages
  • Email series
  • Forms
  • Offer or sacrifice
  • Possibly Zoom link

Before you create the pipeline you will get an overview of the parts that are being created.

For example, the product launch template (Product Launch OVO) consists of an Opt-in page to process new emails. An email series. Three pages of content to build Know Like & Trust, And a sacrifice.

All parts of your pipeline can be edited from the pipeline. And these parts can also be found within the other sections of Kajabi.

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Kajabi Review - Payment Solutions

Kajabi works with 2 payment systems as standard. Paypal and Stripe. The latter - Stripe - only works with credit cards. Both payment systems are very easy to link with Kajabi. You can already receive payments in a few clicks. This is usually sufficient for the international market, because credit cards in the United States and the United Kingdom are the most common for receiving online payments.

European payment systems with Kajabi such as iDEAL, BanContact, Sofort, Klarna, etc. require external solutions. See below.


Kajabi Offers - Checkout pages

The payments within Kajabi are arranged with so-called Offers. You can choose different payment methods:

  • One-time payments
  • Pay in installments
  • Subscriptions
  • Trial periods
  • Free courses

With the integrated payment systems Paypal and Stripe, you can receive all payments with just an email address.



Kajabi & iDeal, BanContact, Sofort, Klarna

At the moment Kajabi cannot handle European payment systems. Although they are working on it, these options are expected to be a long time coming.

There are several alternatives. Payments are usually not difficult to arrange. The link back to Kajabi after successful payment does. This requires technical tools such as Zapier.

Because we have been working with Kajabi for years, we have developed our own plugin for Kajabi, Linktopay. With Linktopay you can arrange, receive and manage your iDeal, BanContact payments within Kajabi.

Linktopay is a standalone company and is very competitive in price compared to other payment systems, including Paypal and Stripe (which, contrary to popular belief, are NOT free to use).

Linktopay - Kajabi iDeal Integration >>

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What does Kajabi cost? Kajabi Pricing

As an official Kajabi Partner I can give you extra bonuses if you purchase Kajabi through me.
Note: You only get these bonuses if you register via this page.


$ 149 / month

discount: $ 119 with an annual subscription


  • 1 website
  • 3 online courses
  • 3 ready to use funnels
  • 10.000 email contacts
  • 1.000 active members
  • 1 admin user


  • Hero University Training
  • Zero transaction costs
  • Webinars, Events, Templates
  • Email Support
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -


  • 14 Days Kajabi free trial
  • Quick Start Service Linktopay
  • 30 Minutes Live Support


$ 199 / month

discount: $ 159 with an annual subscription


  • 1 website
  • 15 online courses
  • 15 ready to use funnels
  • 25.000 email contacts
  • 10.000 active members
  • 10 admin users


  • Hero University Training
  • Zero transaction costs
  • Webinars, Events, Templates
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Delete Kajabi logo
  • Automations
  • Affiliate program
  • -


  • 14 Days Kajabi free trial
  • Quick Start Service Linktopay
  • 60 Minutes Live Support


$ 399 / month

discount: $ 319 with an annual subscription


  • 3 different websites
  • 100 online courses
  • 100 ready to use funnels
  • 100.000 email contacts
  • 20.000 active members
  • 25 admin users


  • Hero University + Expert Academy
  • Zero transaction costs
  • Webinars, Events, Templates
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Delete Kajabi logo
  • Automations
  • Affiliate programma
  • Code editor voor programmers


  • 14 Days Kajabi free trial
  • Quick Start Service Linktopay
  • 90 Minutes Live Support

Bastiaan de Koning - Online Course Specialist

Online marketing entrepreneur for 7 years and specialized in building and selling online courses and learning environments. KlantGenerator is my company. JiffyCoursesOnline is my blog. I mainly work with the all-in-one platform Kajabi, because here you have your website, blogs, courses, email marketing and customer data together. Questions about which platform is right for you? Please feel free to contact us.

Contact - JiffyCoursesOnline.com - KlantGenerator.nl - Kajabi-Users.nl - Linktopay.eu 


I have worked and created many learning environments for my clients. In online learning environments in which I myself am really satisfied, I also participate if they have a partner program. This means that I can receive compensation if someone purchases the package. That will cost you nothing at all, and it helps me to keep writing articles like this one. Full disclaimer here.