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Course Templates


The best of Flix by PennyInYourPocket and our Gamify Pro in a complete new design.  A top notch template!

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Gamify Pro

Add gamification to your courses like Confetti, Badges, Certificates, Easter Eggs, multi level content.

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Create beautiful and engaging lessons with this amazing tool. Can be combined with any product template. 

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Website + Blog Templates

Kajabi Papers

The best blogging template for your website to sell premium (paid) blog and vlog content. With text previews and upsells.

Kajabi Papers Info

Awesome Blog Creator

Get total control over your Kajabi Blogs with beautiful design and unlimited features. The next revolution in Kajabi blogs

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Landing Pages

Timeline Funnel

Boost your sales by incorporating personalized real-time bonuses and scarcity into your funnel. It was never so easy to earn more with evergreen funnels.

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Review Page

Style your landing pages as great looking reviews with visual score boards, features, and stars. Ideal for product reviews on your website.

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Transform your thank you pages into a shower of joy with Celebrite. The happiest way to say Thank You! Celebrite sparkles confetti all over you Thank you page. 

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Code & Hacks

Aligned Buttons

A free code to align your buttons in Kajabi Cards and Feature blocks.

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