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Certificates for your Kajabi courses

Certificates for your Kajabi courses

Feb 06, 2023

Do you still have them, your old school diplomas? And do you also have your diploma's from your further studies (college or university) or another completed course or training? It feels good to have completed such a course and you can look back on it with pride of what you have accomplished. But diplomas and certificates are not only fun to achieve, they are a piece of evidence. In black and white, to show you have completed a course. Which is why they are often also a requirement within professional and vocational training programs.

For your students, such a certificate can also be valuable, when they have completed a module or finished your course.

Within Kajabi, you can automate the awarding of certificates. There are different options, such as the new Kajabi certificate of completion option, as well as our much more flexible Gamify Pro options.


What is a certificate and why is it important to use them?

A certificate is a written statement that you receive after completing a study or course, for example. With this, you can demonstrate and prove in black and white that you have successfully completed this study.

The certificate is motivating for your students to achieve. With this, they can demonstrate that they have acquired a certain skill during your course. Furthermore, it is a method of promoting your course, making it more important and confirming your status as a coach or trainer. Your successful course participant proudly shows the certificate to others. It works as word-of-mouth advertising. In addition, your trainings become more interesting as accredited courses.


Option 1. Kajabi Certificate of Completion (basic)

In early 2023, Kajabi added a certificate option to the online courses. This certificate can be automatically sent to your course participants, after they have completed the course 100%. This means they must have seen all the videos and all the text lessons must be "marked as completed". The certificate is very basic. You can only upload your logo and a few text lines. It is not possible to add your own background, styling or color. What can be done is to add a unique serial number on the certificate, the date of completion and an expiration date.

The advantage of this certificate is that the completion date will be on the certificate and that every Kajabi user can send a certificate without external applications.

The disadvantage of this certificate is that it cannot be styled. The layout is very simple and does not fit within the branding of many companies. Furthermore, it is only sent at 100% (not 99%) completion. This means that if you have text lessons (it is not automatically marked as completed), and the course participant has not checked it off manually, your course participant will not receive a certificate.

For now, the Kajabi certificate of completion is a nice addition for the beginner online business. But if you have requirements for branding and flexibility when the certificate is sent, then you need other tools.


Option 2. Gamify Pro Certificates (best choice)

In our gamification templates Gamify Pro, we have added our own certificate options. The certificates within these gamification templates can be fully styled and controlled from within Kajabi. This already makes a big difference. 1) You can upload your own certificates and fully format them in your own branding. 2) You can award the certificate based on a percentage of completion, for example 95%. And you can award certificates based on the actions of your course participants. For example, when they have successfully completed an assessment or quiz. An assessment or quiz is a more logical moment to award a certificate than the 100% completion ratio used by Kajabi.

The advantage of the certificates within the Gamify Pro template is its flexibility. Besides the styling and trigger to send them, you can also assign multiple certificates within one course, for example per module. You are not limited to a single certificate at the end of the course.

The disadvantage of the Gamify Pro certificate is that the completion date of the course cannot be mentioned on the certificate. We are in talks with Kajabi to retrieve this information from the database, when it is possible, we will certainly add this to the possibilities of this template.

Create your own certificate in Canva

Canva is a very handy tool for creating digital designs. When your certificate design is ready, you can download it in Gamify Pro. You can then automatically fill in the empty text fields with information from your course, such as student name, date, or trainer name.

Watch our YouTube video to see how easily you can upload your own custom certificates in Gamify Pro

Option 3. Google Slides (complex)

It is also possible to use external tools. For example, Google Slides. This is a free tool from Google that allows you to create presentations and spreadsheets, similar to Powerpoint. You first create a basic design for your certificate in Canva or you can use this standard template. The texts can be adapted to any languaege, the name of your course added, and the date and name of the student specified. For this you can use macros or variables, such as {{student_name}} and {{date}}.

The connection between Kajabi and Google Slides is more technical and difficult to achieve. Kajabi has a complex step-by-step plan that you must follow in full. In short, it means that 1) after a student has completed a certain lesson 2) the tool Zapier is called via an automation in Kajabi. 3) Zapier can send the information from Kajabi to Google Slides and create the certificate. 4) Then you can also send an email to the relevant student with the personalized certificate using Zapier. The macros or variables used by Zapier and Google Slides are recognized by Kajabi, so that the information on the certificate is always correct.

The advantage of Google Slides is that you have unlimited flexibility. That is, if you are very skilled in Google Slides. You can customize the entire styling and add as many extra fields as you want.

The disadvantage of Google Slides is the complexity. It takes a lot of work to set up and you need external tools such as Google and Zapier. Not everyone is waiting for that.


Option 4. Accredible (expensive)

Accredible is a paid platform where you can create digital badges and certificates. However, the starting price is a whopping $960 per year. And that's for the smallest package. Accredible works roughly the same as Google Slides. You create a design, in which you also use macros/variables such as {{student_name}} and {{date}}, and can then generate the certificates automatically.

The advantage of Accredible is that you have a professional and polished certificate. The platform has many features that allow you to create certificates exactly to your specifications, including a large library of design templates and options.

The disadvantage of Accredible is the cost. The platform is quite expensive, and the starting price of $960 per year.

The advantage of Accredible is that the platform is set up to make certificates and badges. But the annual price is quite high for a solution that can now also be arranged natively from Kajabi, if not with our Gamify Pro template.


Start with Gamify Pro

Do you want to get started with the Gamify Pro template? We have developed the template in two versions for both the Momentum and for the Premier. Read all information about Kajabi Gamify here and watch the short introduction video where Bastiaan shows you the possibilities of this playful template.

Did you get intruiged and excited to start using Gamify Pro? Click here to purchase the Kajabi Gamify template. We now have a great combo-deal: Kajabi Gamify for Premier and Momentum with a €100 discount!

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We wish you good luck creating beatiful certificates for your students.

Agith & Bastiaan

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