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How to help your students to finish their course

May 24, 2023

Kicking off an online course? Piece of cake. Keeping up the momentum to complete it? Now, that's where it gets tricky. So, how can we inject a little magic into motivating your students to hit the finish line on your online course?

Enrollment day is always a thrill. When students sign up for your online course, they are buzzing with excitement. Your online course seems to hold the answer to the puzzle they've been struggling with, or it promises to arm them with a skill they're eager to master.

Brimming with enthusiasm, your students take the plunge and immerse themselves in the first module or two. But life, as it always does, has a knack for throwing curveballs. Juggling work commitments, the kids' swimming lessons, attending birthday parties, and maintaining a social life while keeping the house in order means that the course often takes a back seat. It's a shame because your student picked this course for a very good reason!

So how do we keep the course relevant and enticing for your customer or employee, ensuring they stay motivated and engaged? How can we keep the spark alive and maintain the same level of excitement as at the start of the course?

 Fear not, we've got you covered. In this blog, we're about to spill the beans on how to keep your students motivated in your e-learning course.


Keep it simple

Nothing dampens the spirits quite like hitting a progress plateau. Break your course down into bite-sized chunks. Offer your information in various formats: video, visuals, text, and hands-on practice. In this way, you facilitate different forms of learning. 

Make sure your students have a firm grasp of each concept before moving on to the next module. This can be done with assessments, quizzes, or practical assignments. If you already have the latest version of  Gamify Pro we have a little surprise for you. Just check out the new quiz options in the settings. 


Create commitment

If you're the only one taking the course, you're only answerable to yourself. But imagine if others were counting on you? What if not moving forward meant missing out on great rewards? That adds a bit more pressure, doesn't it? We're social creatures after all, and we don't want to disappoint others.

Why not get your students more involved? You could have them turn in practical assignments. Then they could swap and give each other feedback. It's always more enjoyable when everyone has a part to play! 


Use gamification elements

Being social creatures is one thing, but we also have a soft spot for a friendly challenge.

Who can resist the allure of winning badges? You can harness this love for challenges in your online course through gamification. Gamification adds a pinch of fun and intrigue to learning activities, making them irresistibly exciting. Kajabi has a nice basic gamification options. If you're looking for extra features, check out Gamify Pro 


Showcase progress

In the end, students want to feel that their hard work is paying off. They want to see their progress. Using a platform like Kajabi, students can see what percent they've accomplished. But you can also make progress tangible with badges that light up as each step is completed. 


Mix it up and surprise

Surprise your student. Pique their curiosity about what's next. Unleash your creativity and make the most of our digital age. Engage your students with easter eggs, reward them with great videos or treat them to online meetings with you or with other students. 

We hope this blog has sparked some fresh ideas on how to make your online course an unforgettable experience for your students. Curious about what Gamify Pro can bring to your e-learning journey? Set up a demo account and discover it for yourself!


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